Veolia Energy •  Boston, MA
Infrastructure Upgrades & Boiler Retubing

A leading operator and developer of energy efficient solutions with operations across the Continental USA, Veolia Energy North America has relied on PIDC construction management services for numerous projects. These assignments have involved the upgrade of key components in Veolia’s generation and distribution infrastructure, to better serve the needs of its high-demand client base.

Project highlights include:

Viaduct Steam Project

  • Project management services on this 7,000 lf, 18” high pressure steam distribution system to tie the GenOn power plant in Cambridge to Veolia’s steam distribution system in Boston. This project included considerable street work and bridge crossings.

Scotia Street & Kneeland Street Stations

  • Construction management & full-time onsite supervision for structural renovations to the existing peaking plant
  • Retubing of two Type “O”, 129,000 pph boilers
    • PIDC was able to deliver over $300,000 in savings to the Owner on the second boiler, through proactive management of competitive bidding and strong relationships with key trade contractors. (The scope of work for the first boiler was awarded prior to the hiring of PIDC.)
  • Replacement of a 3-unit water softening system
  • Concrete restoration work within the plant
  • Multifaceted services related to concrete restoration work, including site evaluations, budgeting, planning, engineering and field execution.

In Boston, Veolia Energy serves approximately 240 customers across the commercial, government, institutional and hospitality genres — supplying centralized heating for 44 million sf and cooling for approximately 9 million sf. Its steam generating capacity is in excess of 1.5 million pounds per hour. The resulting thermal energy is delivered through a 22-mile distribution pipe network, with advanced system controls to ensure reliable 24/7/365 service.

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