On a fast-track project, it’s not enough to know everyone is working diligently within their areas of influence. You need to ensure their respective contributions are being made in a unified and synergistic manner.

At PIDC, our proactive filling-the-gaps approach is something we call Insightful Project Delivery. This comprehensive early-phase assessment transcends the functional silos within the project — to align and strengthen the efforts of the entire project team.

The benefits of our crossover ability.
One example is the way PIDC’s design-assist services augment the efforts of time-pressed engineers during the intensive preconstruction phase. Another is the way we empower owners to make proactive investment decisions, which more than pay for themselves down the road.

As a result, we tend to attract project partners who value these contributions. It also explains why many owners retain PIDC to function as their program manager on an ongoing basis.

The power of an honest day's work.
Taken to the nth degree.

At PIDC, 80% of our revenues come from repeat business. In addition, satisfied clients consistently award us with multiple projects. This isn’t just the result of PIDC’s extensive technical knowledge. It’s also a testament to the integrity, honesty and diligence of our people. These core values have built an exceptional level of trust and confidence with our clients, while leading to many long-term relationships.

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