Sun Catalytix •  Cambridge, MA
Flow Battery Lab, R&D & Corporate Offices
Architect: R.E. Dineen Architects | Boston, MA

This complete renovation of the Sun Catalytix corporate headquarters at 61 Moulton Street included a full complement of research and development labs, designed to support the company’s cutting-edge Flow Battery program. PIDC provided construction management services to the property landlord, BioMed Realty Trust.

Project highlights include:

  • Renovation of chemistry, test and assembly labs; solution prep and model shop.
  • Flow Battery test lab required the installation of eight large walk-in fume hoods.
  • New gas and electrical service entrances were constructed to address the demands of substantial makeup air systems — along with the electrical needs of test and assembly activities.
  • Additional system and equipment upgrades included: RO, compressed air, inert gases, pH neutralization, standby generator, tempered water and boilers for hydrant reheats.

Sun Catalytix was founded to discover and develop new earth abundant materials for energy conversion processes. The company is now developing affordable, safe and scalable energy storage technology. Current efforts focus on design, synthesis, and electrochemical testing of molecular redox shuttles for energy storage. The company’s design principles prioritize low-cost, earth-abundant materials that operate under benign conditions. This combination of attributes enables the design of energy storage systems that surpass the performance and cost savings achieved by all legacy chemistries.

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