Olympus Biotech •  Hopkinton, MA
(formerly Stryker Biotech)
Corporate Offices, cGMP Cleanrooms, Labs and Warehouse
67,000 sf

Beginning with the development of a comprehensive 5-year master plan in 2000, PIDC has completed more than 25 projects for Olympus/Stryker over the past decade-plus. The most recent was the effective subdivision and marketing of a portion of its leased premises for a subtenant.

PIDC’s varied achievements for Olympus/Stryker include significant infrastructure upgrades along with design/build services to support first-class research, development, cGMP manufacturing, corporate offices and warehousing.

Project highlights include:

  • Lab design/construction for cell culture, purification, formulation & QC operations
  • Design/build of a cGMP Collagen Matrix production suite
  • High-end corporate offices
  • Advanced-tech packaging and warehousing facilities
  • Installation of myriad technical services including clean utilities (WFI, CS, RO), facility-wide inert gas distribution, and sophisticated systems for standby power and UPS

A leader in the development and distribution of regenerative medicines, Olympus Biotech is dedicated to improving patient quality-of-life by stimulating the intrinsic healing capacity in the living body. Its portfolio of growth factors and biomaterials includes the breakthrough Osteogenic Protein-1 (OP-1™ or rhBMP-7) — a naturally-occurring osteoinductive protein used to stimulate, repair, and regenerate bone.

Owner Contact:
Mike St. Louis, Director, Plant Services
603.298.4218 • michael.st.louis@olympusbiotech.com