PIDC Starts Upgrade at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

In the Fall of 2016, PIDC Construction began a HVAC Controls and Infrastructure upgrade project at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in order to support the Institutes’ mission for the next 30 years. The project has been divided into two main components, Lab HVAC Controls Upgrades and Infrastructure Upgrades. The Lab Floor HVAC upgrades includes the conversion of the existing antiquated HVAC controls from pneumatic to Direct Digital “DDC” to allow for energy efficiency, reliability, and full integration into the Building Automation System. The building Infrastructure upgrades consist of replacement of all of the major mechanical equipment serving the building. PIDC has procured all major equipment including the replacement of 6 AHU’s, 9 exhaust fans, 1 cooling tower, 4 chillers, multiple pumps, piping upgrades, 4 condensing hot water boilers, Energy Recovery System, on site clean steam generation and conversion from on site steam production to city steam. Upgrades to the controls and electrical system is slated to run through Spring of 2019.