Medical Area Total Energy Plant (MATEP) •  Boston, MA
Multiple Upgrades • 72 MW Cogeneration Plant

Since 2006, PIDC has completed more than 13 major projects across the expanse of the MATEP facility. Our overarching goal throughout this continuum of achievement has been to enhance the capacity, efficiency and reliability of its power, heating and cooling systems. As a result, we’ve supported MATEP’s crucial research and patient-care activities through disciplined project management, sound engineering practices, turnkey design/build services, clear communication and expert coordination of shutdowns and transitions.

Projects completed include:

Colburn Station Tie-Line Project
Integration of three new 13.8 Kva power lines to provide more efficient service delivery, minimize operations costs, and extend equipment lifecycles.

Replacement of Absorption Chillers 04 & 05
Design and installation of two new 3,000T absorption chillers to meet capacity demands, increase efficiency and qualify for substantial energy rebates.

Colburn Street Export Project
This two-phase project involved the installation and relocation/reconfiguration of three new NSTAR 13.8 Kv power lines, enabling surplus power to be exported back to the grid for sale.

Demineralization System Replacement
A detailed scoping study was followed by an in-depth User Requirement Specification: extensive engineering/design input to ensure efficient system integration, procurement and construction.

Dry Coil Removal
Achievement of significant efficiency and cooling capacity increases by removing an unnecessary existing dry coil system from the cooling tower. PIDC provided MATEP with the execution plan, full-time onsite supervision and a substantial sum for recyclable salvage during demolition.

Boiler Replacement PSG-1
Design management, procurement and construction of a new 110,000 pph high-temperature boiler. Included enabling pre-installation work and significant logistics to rig and install the boiler and the supporting high pressure gas compressor.

The Medical Area Total Energy Plant (MATEP) provides steam, chilled water, and electricity to over 9 million sf of facilities throughout the Longwood Medical Area. Its 200-acre service area encompasses six hospitals serving more than 135,000 patients per year, as well as numerous biomedical and pharmaceutical research facilities.

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