Today more than ever, the empowering element for an Industrial project is the artful integration of advanced technology with MEP systems and the physical plant. PIDC’s in-depth expertise on both fronts is a calculated advantage for companies looking to build highly functional leading-edge facilities.

Our overriding mission is to help you increase competitiveness by heightening efficiency and streamlining operating costs. Collaborating closely with client-side engineers, PIDC provides expert advice and guidance throughout the project cycle from initial design/concept through equipment selection, startup and commissioning. Our core competencies include:

  • Plant renovation/relocation
  • Infrastructure surveys: equipment, facilities and utilities
  • Emission controls & environmental compliance
  • Minimized disruption to daily operations
  • Specialized equipment: selection, procurement & installation
  • Material handling systems
  • Warehouse & distribution facilities
  • Rigging and move planning
  • Process support services
  • Energy rebate program support