The First Church of Christ, Scientist •  Boston, MA
2400T Chilled Water Plant Reconfiguration

PIDC provided construction management services for this chilled water plant (CHP) reconfiguration. The intrinsic challenges of the three-phase project were intensified by the constraints of a tight, mid-city campus style site — which needed to remain operational during the construction process.

Phase 1  •  District Cooling Plant Demolition & Removal
Decommissioning, selective demolition and removal of the existing 9,600-ton Northwind District Cooling Plant, followed by the installation of a temporary chilled water system.

Phase 2  •  Remediation, Disposal & Renovation
Permanent remediation and legal disposal of the chilled water and glycol from the decommissioned plant, along with conversion of the basement into general storage areas. The scope of this phase required the selective removal of concrete tank walls and all liners, along with the disposal of 68 refrigeration coil stacks and associated piping, electrical and controls. As with past projects, PIDC was able to sell off excess equipment and scrap copper for the benefit of the Church.

Phase 3  •  New Chilled Water System
Design/build services for the reconstruction of the former District Cooling Plant space into a conventional, private, chilled water system — utilizing four newly installed 600T centrifugal chillers.

Additional work. PIDC also provided construction management for the restoration of the concrete sewer gallery running beneath the parking garage and reflecting pool. Performed in a confined space, this work required considerable logistics planning.

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