A dynamic CM/GC is always looking for new ways to enhance the overall cost- effectiveness, functionality and success of a project. PIDC’s concept of Engineering Value is a set of proactive preconstruction support services — as opposed to the often-reactive, traditional model of “value engineering”.

PIDC’s commitment to Engineering Value, early on in the design, provides the project team with responsive cost/benefit analyses of alternative materials, services and systems. While reviewing design deliverables for constructability and coordination, we typically offer “Alternatives for Consideration” that promote team discussion on cost-effective, value-added alternatives. This helps us to keep a project’s design parameters from outdistancing its budgetary constraints.

The resulting solutions can range from fit-for-purpose downscaling of hot water circulation pumps, to the comprehensive cost-savings recommendations detailed in our St. Joseph’s Hall case study. Engineering Value also includes design support services — such as existing conditions analysis, facility/equipment surveys and documentation — to help align required MEP services with the overall design and need.

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