At PIDC, we’re convinced that preconstruction is the most important phase in any construction project. It is a highly time-sensitive opportunity to build the requisite early-phase consensus to ensure the alignment of people and processes, a clear view of cost/investment parameters, and overall project success.

The crux of PIDC’s integrated planning process is to think across the traditional project-team silos, in an effort to drive better and more informed decisions. This incisive and collaborative approach helps to unify the vision of the architectural, engineering and construction personnel that make up the team. This can lead to a number of value-added contributions including:

  • Fine-tuning of equipment lists that will drive the final design
  • Identification and prioritization of long-lead items to safeguard againstschedule delays
  • Creation of instruction sets that help the engineering team to define and streamline its early-phase efforts
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